Bling Empire Star Kevin Kreider Pays Tribute to Anna Shay and Urges to Appreciate the Moment

– Kevin Kreider regrets not going on an adventure with Anna Shay before her sudden passing.
– He describes Anna as someone who made coffee meetings into shopping trips, lunches, dinners, and last-minute traveling.
– He will miss her laugh, piano-playing skills, and unconventional style of driving.

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Kevin Kreider, a star of the Netflix reality show “Bling Empire,” is mourning the loss of his friend and co-star Anna Shay. Shay passed away on May 15 at the age of 60. In a statement to People, Kreider revealed that his last memory with Shay was having lunch together. He recounted how she suggested they “go on an adventure” but he hadn’t joined her, caught up in work and stress. He expressed regret in not taking the opportunity to spend more time with her and learn from her zest for life.

Kreider’s tribute to Shay on Instagram emphasized the importance of appreciating every moment. He shared photos of himself with Shay and wrote, “You never know when your last goodbye will be.” He urged his followers to take a moment to “smell the roses” and cherish time spent with loved ones.

In his statement to People, Kreider described Shay as someone who brought joy and energy to every occasion. He remembered her laugh, her piano playing, and her unbridled passion for life. Kreider acknowledged that Shay’s idea of an adventure could be anything from shopping to last-minute travel, and that was just part of her charm. He added that he would miss her “no-rules-driving-on-the-road,” a testament to Shay’s free-spirited nature.

Shay was a wealthy socialite and one of the stars of “Bling Empire,” a series that follows the lives of wealthy Asian-Americans in Los Angeles. Shay was known for her eccentric personality, lavish lifestyle, and penchant for doing things her own way. Despite her larger-than-life persona, Shay was also a generous philanthropist and a loyal friend, as evidenced by the outpouring of grief from those who knew and loved her.

Kreider’s tribute to Shay serves as a reminder to all of us to appreciate the people in our lives and the time we have with them. Shay’s passing is a loss for her family, friends, and the fans who admired her, but her memory will live on through the stories and memories of those who knew her best.