Best Trucking Companies for Drivers in the USA

Best Trucking Companies for Drivers in the USA
Photo by Quintin Gellar from Pexels

The sphere of cargo transportation is actively developing. So these are promising places for employment. The drivers receive a decent salary and are provided with a stable job. Experts have analyzed trucking companies and assembled the best transport agencies that help a trucker build a career.

#1 GP Transco

GP Transco has been on the list of popular and reliable employers for several years. It has become synonymous with respect and care for employees. The trucking company has the most attractive driver package. Drivers have an average salary of $84,000.

#2 Sysco

Drivers can count on charges of about $87,000 per year plus bonuses: paid vacations, discounts and promotions, a retirement plan, etc. Most of the routes are local roads. The employer cares about drivers, runs programs to increase morale and driving efficiency.

#3 Epes Transport

Epes Transport is the largest logistics and dispatching company for the owner-operator in the south and southeast of the USA. Working with the trucking company, drivers receive an excellent labor package: 

  • benefits;
  • bonuses;
  • medical insurance for dentistry and vision;
  • life and disability insurance;
  • scholarships for couples, etc.

#4 Anderson Trucking Service

Both experienced divers and beginners can find a job in the trucking company. Courses and specialized courses are regularly held. The agency also boasts the highest driver fees. Anderson offers excellent health insurance and benefits.

#5 LogityDispatch

The company willingly hires both experienced truckers and novices. Here you can take training courses and get a job right away. So, the LogityDispatch trucking company is one of the top-best employers for drivers and dispatch operators. Drivers can count on high wages, additional benefits and bonuses, and medical insurance. The trucking agency is actively involved in team-building and the development of the driving community. It is also a reliable dispatching company for the owner-operator.

All the itemized trucking companies offer competitive salaries, stable jobs, and bonuses. Regardless of seniority and experience, you can build great careers with these professional agencies.