Ben Affleck Stars in Hilarious Dunkin’ Commercial with Shoutout to Matt Damon

– Ben Affleck stars in a new Dunkin’ commercial featuring a nod to his friend and fellow Bostonian actor, Matt Damon.
– Affleck is a known fan of the coffee chain and previously starred in a Super Bowl ad for them, as well as filming behind-the-scenes outtakes.
– Despite Affleck’s love for Dunkin’, his wife Jennifer Lopez prefers Starbucks, but the couple has been spotted compromising with both chains.

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Dunkin’ coffee has a special place in Ben Affleck’s heart, and he proves it in his latest commercial for the brand. Released on April 3, the ad features Affleck at a Dunkin’ store, taking his gig as a commercial actor very seriously. Affleck informs the employees that he is not just doing the commercial—he is doing the commercial as an art form. However, the employees mistakenly think he starred in Matt Damon’s movie, “The Departed,” causing some hilarious exchanges.

This isn’t the first time Affleck has made a Dunkin’ commercial. In February of this year, the company released their Super Bowl ad featuring Affleck working the drive-through as an honorary employee, only to be interrupted by his wife Jennifer Lopez. Dunkin’ even released comical outtakes, showing Affleck’s mischievous behavior behind the counter.

Paparazzi photos taken on Jan. 10 hinted at the upcoming commercial, showing Affleck serving coffee to his wife through a Dunkin’ drive-through window while wearing his employee uniform. Affleck has long been candid about his love of the chain, telling Collider in 2019 that he has Dunkin’ Donuts every day.

In a recent interview with People, Affleck explained why he chose to film his newest commercial with Dunkin’: “I think people already sort of think that I work for Dunkin’. In Boston, it was such a big deal. I think I became kind of associated with it, and this sounded like a fun opportunity to kind of play with that association, and a chance to come back here to shoot it at home in Boston.”

While Affleck is a Dunkin’ devotee, Lopez is a Starbucks fan, even owning a Swarovski-crystal-covered Starbucks cup. However, compromises seem to have been made, as the couple was spotted in December 2022 strolling together outside of a Starbucks, frappuccino in hand. Affleck and Lopez resumed their romantic relationship in 2021 and tied the knot in a small ceremony in July 2022 before celebrating with a larger gathering in Georgia the following month.