Bella Dose: Latinx Girl Group on a Mission to Honor Cultural Roots through Music

– Bella Dose is a bilingual Latin girl group made up of Melany Rivera, Brianna Leah, Jennifer (Jenni) Hernandez, and Thais Rodriguez, with roots in various Latinx cultures.
– The group aims to showcase and honor their cultural roots through the music and lyrics they bring to the world centerstage.
– Bella Dose members are real musicians, trained dancers, and killer vocalists who want to bring music back and be the whole package. They dream of performing at Madison Square Garden and collaborating with Ariana Grande.

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Bella Dose, a fierce, dynamic Latin girl group, represents a beautiful blend of Latinx cultures. With members hailing from Puerto Rico, Colombia, Chile, Cuba, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic, the group showcases the rich diversity within the Latinx community. They’re on a mission to prove that Latinx representation in music is about honoring their cultural roots through the music they bring to the world centerstage.

For these young women, the year 2021 is the year of Latinas. They feel empowered to see the world accepting all the Latin cultures and different types of music that come from being Latino, like dembow, merengue, bachata, and reggaeton. They believe that Latinx musicians have much to offer the world and are determined to put their culture and music out there.

Bella Dose was formed in 2017 when Melany Rivera, Brianna Leah, Jennifer Hernandez, and Thais Rodriguez came together. Rodriguez and Rivera were already friends, but Rodriguez had no idea that Rivera would be in the group. They’re all trained dancers, real musicians, and outstanding vocalists.

Recently, Bella Dose released their debut EP, featuring their latest single, “Mírame,” a Latin mixture of dembow and rhythm that captures the empowering message of the song. The group is also active on TikTok and has amassed over three million followers. However, the journey hasn’t always been easy. They emphasize the importance of mental wellness and taking care of themselves by writing music, praying, or meditating.

Bella Dose aims to bring music back by proving that they are the whole package, capable of writing their treatment, lyrics in English, and Spanish, and bringing a unique perspective to the music world. The group dreams big and has set their eyes on performing at Madison Square Garden, collaborating with Arianna Grande, and performing in Japan.

In conclusion, Bella Dose is a group of young, talented, and ambitious Latinas hell-bent on making their mark in the music world. They’re living proof of the richness, diversity, and talent within the Latinx community. Going forward, they’ll continue honing their craft, taking care of themselves, and dreaming big.