Battle of mobile casino apps and browser version. Who wins?

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Battle of mobile casino apps and browser version. Who wins?

From the browser or from the application, the game played in the best online casinos on mobile must have no interruptions so as not to disrupt the game session. In this regard, the two versions find a common point, but there were small differences. You will discover below the main advantages and disadvantages of each mobile version and their level of safety.

The main advantages and disadvantages of mobile casino applications

Using a mobile casino app can be simpler than playing directly from the browser. This requires downloading from the casino or from Google Play, the App Store. In many cases, the application can even be found on the official website of the chosen casino. As the main advantages, it is noted:

  • Very fast accessibility to a mobile casino
  • Possibility to take an exclusive online mobile bonus
  • Ability to quickly process withdrawal transactions according to that mobile casino

There are also players who do not want to download an application for the reason of occupying the memory of the mobile phone/ tablet. Many people prefer to use the browser. However, a mobile app is much handier, with the player being able to log in, make deposits, take casino bonuses, withdraw or play special games without interruptions. However, not every mobile casino will have them.

If there are users who do not want to have the application at hand, one can enter a preferred mobile casino through the web browser. One of the disadvantages is that most slots and table games are optimized especially for Google Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari – These are also the most used player browsers.

But, mobile casinos can also be accessed through Opera, Internet Explorer, Orbitum or others. Even if these mobile browsers also support HTML5 technology on which dynamic casino games are developed, there may be small interruptions during the game or the graphics quality may be a little poorer. Also, the game in online mobile browsers comes with advantages such as:

  • Responsiveness on small and large screens, no matter what ./ mobile play
  • Optimization of online games for mobile devices
  • Discover new games at a mobile casino not found on the desktop version