Bachelor Nation Stars Susie Evans & Justin Glaze Confirm Their Relationship

Susie’s got a thing for Justin. She says they’ve got this “natural fun chemistry” going on. They always have a blast together. But that’s not all.

What she really digs about him is the support he gives her. She’s used to dealing with stuff on her own. She’s never really had someone she could lean on like she can with Justin.

Talking about it gets her all choked up. She’s seen him show such good character when she’s needed someone. He’s been there, supportive, like no one else has ever been.

Sure, she’s got a great family. But a partner? She’s never had someone show up for her like Justin has.

On the flip side, Justin’s pretty smitten with Susie too. He’s in awe of her compassion, her patience, and how she loves others.

“She’s always just so understanding and kind,” he says. She’s a huge empath. She’s taught him to step back, to communicate, to slow things down. She’s shown him how to see things from a totally different angle.

He admits, it’s probably something he needed.

So, can we grab you for a sec? Now that you know where Susie and Justin stand, why not check in on the rest of Bachelor Nation?