Ariana Madix’s Unexpected Shift in Opinion About Marriage & Kids

Rewriting the text:

She spilled the beans to Kent. “He’s like, ‘Can’t wait for you to get your own place,'” she shared. The reason? Every time he visits, we’re shelling out big bucks for his stay.

Kent’s opinion of Wai? She thinks he’s a catch. She quipped about him, “40, never hitched, no kids. That thought alone gives me goosebumps.”

Meanwhile, Madix has moved on with Wai. But Sandoval? He’s still pining for Leviss. Their affair had caused quite the stir, but he was still hopeful.

In a chat with his buddy Jason Bader, he confessed, “I miss her. I just want to see her, hold her.”

In a confessional, Sandoval admitted, “I’m still head over heels for Raquel.” His hope? To give their relationship another shot.

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