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Although the concept of mail-order brides has changed significantly over time, it’s still present in many cultures. According to Brides Universe, a reputable mail-order bride guide, Westerners no longer search for their future wives through catalogs, as they did 30 to 40 years ago. Instead, they connect with these ladies via specialized for-marriage sites.

The process is a win-win for both sides; girls get rich husbands and a better future, while guys get respectful, traditional ladies willing to do everything for them. Most importantly, everything is well-regulated and according to the law, so you don’t have to worry about potential legal repercussions.

Mail-order brides have become increasingly popular in the last several years as the liberal movement has taken hold of the Western world. In fact, many guys don’t mind traveling all the way to Asia to increase their odds of a happy marriage. In this article, we’ll explain the concept a bit better and why Western men like it so much.

Concept of Mail-Order Brides

Most people think that mail-order brides are no longer a thing. The former system of catalogs, where you can pick and choose girls as if they were merchandise is no longer popular. Instead, we have third-party sites that connect guys from developed countries with women looking for rich bachelors.

Similar to Tinder and Hinge, you can create a profile on these sites and leave personal information. After going through numerous accounts, you can shortlist the girls that look the most interesting to you and start a conversation. Like other sites, these platforms mainly charge men, while the service is free for females.

We can also use mail-order bride phrasing in situations where guys (also referred to as “Passport Bros”) go to foreign countries purposefully looking to marry. Although men aren’t selecting ladies from sites or catalogs, the whole process still feels like fishing in a barrel.  

Ethical Considerations

No matter how you look at it, the practice of marrying girls via websites and catalogs should be considered ethical. In the end, the ladies are knowingly participating in this exchange as they’re looking for husbands from America, Canada, Australia, and Europe. For some of them, this is the only chance they’ll ever have to live a dignified life.

It’s also worth noting that these women are well-protected once they get to their husband’s country. America and the EU have strict policies against any type of violence, ensuring that all people who arrive don’t suffer injustice. Furthermore, getting a divorce is rather easy, so mail-order brides don’t have to stay with their current husbands for more than they have to.

3 Reasons Men Look for Mail-Order Brides

The process of seeking out mail-order brides can be very exhilarating to guys. Many of them perceive it as a real adventure, as they meet girls from exotic countries they’ve never been to. However, besides these superficial urges, there are much more tangible reasons why they’re interested in such an exchange, despite its complexity:

  • Love Hunting

People living in the US, the UK, and Canada might feel that most of the local girls are unfaithful, indifferent, and only dating them for cheap thrills. Truth be told, many of these women are taking their time or might’ve been hurt so badly that they can’t trust anyone anymore.

As guys are looking for a more meaningful connection, they turn to countries where they would be perceived as a commodity. Even if they’re average in their home country, they might be seen as hotties in Southeast Asia and some other places.

  • Limited Local Pool

If you live in a rural area and have limited resources, moving to a bigger American city just so you could date could be a problem. Not only would you have to change your entire life, but you would also have to pay enormous rent and other expenses. In these cases, it’s much better to relocate to a foreign country and start your search there.

By using mail-order bride sites, you gain unlimited global opportunities. Once you hit it off with one of these girls, it won’t be a problem to relocate to her country so you can start dating. Furthermore, these beauties won’t have any issues living in your village as long as you can fix the visa and provide for them.

  • Cultural Fascination

Some guys prefer mail-order brides because they’re exotic or because they love their culture. For example, many men would love to date Latinas for their passion and vibrant lifestyle. Similarly, Slavic women might seem superior to Americans due to their incredible beauty and conservative demeanor.

Using Mail-Order Bride Websites Online

If you have ever used a dating site, you shouldn’t have much trouble finding a wife online. As mentioned previously, these platforms are similar to websites we use in North America and Europe, so you should feel right at home. That being said, here’s what the process looks like:

Perform research

First, you need to know what you’re looking for. The three main groups of mail-order brides are Slavs, Latinas, and Asians. Each group is extremely different from one another, and they’re all different from your local girls. Finding the right wife according to your temperament, values, and preferences will be vital for a long marriage.

Use right website

Mail-order bride websites usually specialize in a particular group. For example, you have sites for Latinas, sites for Asians, and so on. Not only should you choose a site that has your preferred group, but you also need to be sure it’s reputable enough.

There are a lot of mail-order bride sites that use funky tactics to entice users. Many of them employ bots so it seems there are much more ladies on the platform than they actually are. Some of them also implement funky credit systems that will quickly drain your money. So, that’s something you need to keep in mind.

Take your time

Once you find a few girls that interest you, take your time communicating. You should never forget that this type of arrangement isn’t for sex; it’s for life! You need to be certain that this is a person you’d like to raise a family with and grow old together.

Visit her country

The good news is that traveling and accommodation have never been cheaper. You can visit your future wife’s country whenever you want and, depending on your work obligations, spend a few weeks there. After the initial visit, it’s also a good idea to bring them to your own country, as you’ll likely live there. That way, you can see if she can adapt to your style of living. 

By finding the right mail-order bride website and taking things slowly, you can find an amazing woman to be your wife. We suggest you approach the process seriously and explain what you’re looking for in a woman. That way, there won’t be any misunderstanding between the two parties.


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