AR and VR as Leading Realities of Online Casino Games

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The positive impact of new technologies has made online gaming a lot more entertaining and engaging for users. The days of old dull graphics are gone, and you can now enjoy 3D and HD graphics for online games. Not only is the gaming experience top-notch, but it also has a lot of benefits. Online casinos are using virtual and augmented reality to offer their users a realistic playing experience.

The chances that you have used or heard about these two new technologies are quite high. In case you are not acquainted with augmented reality and virtual reality, we will give you a short description of them in this article. First of all, here are a few popular games that you can play with VR/AR technology:

  • Social Club VR
  • PokerStars VR
  • VR Slots 3D
  • Bullet Roulette R
  • Blackjack Bailey VR

AR and VR are computer-generated simulations of real life that can be seen through special gadgetry like headsets, glasses, etc. Virtual Reality or VR creates artificial 3D environments, while Augmented Reality enhances your existing environment by projecting images over it.

Influence of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality on Gambling

The concept of VR was introduced in the early 1990s, and it has been used for recreational purposes, leading to the development of various apps like 360 videos. Initially, it was used for niche purposes, but now it is being widely accepted as a gaming technology.

In the case of Augmented Reality, it was introduced even before Google Glass, but developers have only now started using this technology. Now, there are different options in the list of casino online Polska where you can experience and play different games in VR. These games are better in graphics; the storyline is more engaging than classic games.

VR may be used in online casinos as a new tool to offer a more realistic playing environment by giving a 360-degree view of the game space. It can also be used to live stream events and betting options to add a new dimension to the gaming experience. The advantage that VR offers is that you can use multiple devices at one time instead of just one.

Benefits of VR/AR in Online Gambling

These new technologies benefit players with improved experiences and help the providers with their business growth. As more and more users find these new gameplay experiences fascinating, they join casinos offering VR and AR games. Most of the sites have already started offering dedicated sections for 3D games and similar entertainment options. If you have not checked these games yet, give them a try, and you will be impressed with the quality and storylines of the available games.

The biggest challenge for companies is to lower the cost of these devices. If using these technologies requires the users to buy new tools or gadgets, they might abandon these trends. There are many companies available in the markets that are offering cost-effective gadgets for VR/AR games. Some significant advantages of using these games in the gambling industry might convince you to try new games online.

1- Immersive Live Casino Games

If you are a fan of gambling, you might be familiar with live casino games. These games are quite popular in the gaming industry. Live casino games offer a more realistic gaming environment as everything is happening before you versus the traditional betting options. Now, these gaming options have become even better with VR and AR technology because you can also see your hands when you play online poker online and other such games. You can now play table games like roulette or blackjack too, and all this will happen in front of your eyes for an exceptional experience.

2- More Realistic gameplay

Offline virtual reality games are already popular with players as they can experience multiple possibilities and outcomes in their virtual life as if they were in the actual location where a game is taking place.

To further enhance this, it should be noted that VR can also assist gamblers in placing bets and making decisions about their opportunities for winning. It is really a great incentive when you have an opportunity to feel like you are right there, since the bet amount increases automatically based on the outcome of your choice. Here are some popular companies that offer VR headsets for entertainment purposes and other applications:

  • Samsung
  • Oculus VR
  • HTC Vive
  • Microsoft
  • Magic Leap
  • Unity
  • Google

3- Game Navigation is easier

Even a new player can easily understand the gameplay and navigation scheme of the games while playing with an AR headset. Virtual Games can be played in navigation through an inbuilt map. This makes the game more interesting and facilitates ease of operation.

The user can play the game by navigating through the map and giving commands to players that he/she is controlling. It’s like playing an adventure game but without a joystick, because now you just have to give voice commands or touch the screen to interact with other characters in the game.

4- Improved Animations and Graphics

When VR and AR technology are combined, the gaming experience becomes a lot more attractive. It provides users with top-notch graphics and lets them immerse themselves in new experiences and stories they cannot get from ordinary 2D games. Users are more likely to choose online casinos that offer new technologies and better graphics. In the near future, more and more casinos will start offering these games to the masses. 


Casino providers can also benefit from the true potential of these new technologies. By offering new updates, they can attract millions of new players and generate heavy profits. Technology has transformed gaming by improving experiences and delivering better results for players and suppliers. There is no question that this will have an influence on the whole gaming industry. Do you want to shift your mind regarding these technologies? Do you believe they are going to change the way we gamble?


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