Andy Cohen Addresses Bromance with John Mayer: Let’s set the record straight

– Andy Cohen clarifies his remarks about being “in love” with John Mayer, stating that their friendship shouldn’t be considered headline news and that two men expressing love for each other should not be a big deal.
– Cohen emphasizes that his friendship with Mayer is purely platonic and has never been sexual.
– Cohen and Mayer share a bond over their love for the Grateful Dead, with Mayer joining the band and allowing Cohen to tour with them, which strengthened their friendship.

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Title: Andy Cohen Addresses Media Frenzy Over His Close Friendship with John Mayer

Andy Cohen, the popular host of “Watch What Happens Live,” recently spoke out about the media frenzy surrounding his close bond with musician John Mayer. In a candid interview on “Radio Andy” on June 22, Cohen clarified the remarks he made during a conversation with Howard Stern earlier this month. His comments had sparked widespread coverage and speculations about their relationship, but Cohen believes it’s time for everyone to take a step back and relax.

During his appearance on Howard Stern’s show, Cohen casually mentioned that he and Mayer were “in love with each other,” which caught the attention of many news outlets. However, Cohen promptly emphasized that there has never been any romantic or sexual involvement between them. He shared a personal anecdote about his college roommate, a straight man who had expressed his love for Cohen, highlighting how profound and non-sexual such friendships can be.

The extent of Cohen and Mayer’s friendship remains unknown, but they were first seen together in 2012. Since then, they have shared several significant moments, including Mayer speaking at Cohen’s Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony and attending his baby shower. The duo’s mutual love for the Grateful Dead has also played a significant role in their bond, with Cohen attributing their shared admiration for the iconic band as a catalyst for their friendship.

In the interview with Entertainment Tonight, Cohen revealed how their connection deepened when Mayer started playing with the Grateful Dead, a band that Cohen had always admired. Suddenly, they could embark on tours together and experience the music they both cherished. This unique experience further solidified their friendship and brought them even closer.

It’s important to note that Cohen’s intention in mentioning his love for Mayer was not to create sensational headlines. Rather, he was simply expressing the genuine affection and closeness he shares with his friend. Cohen believes that society should not be alarmed or sensationalize such deep bonds between individuals, especially when they are based on pure friendship devoid of any romantic involvement.

In conclusion, Andy Cohen has called for a calm and measured response to the media frenzy surrounding his friendship with John Mayer. By highlighting the profound nature of their platonic love and their shared interests, Cohen hopes to normalize and celebrate deep connections between friends. It is a reminder that love can manifest in various ways beyond romantic relationships, and there should be no judgment or sensationalization when genuine friendships are expressed.