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Andrew Tate Net Worth 2023

Andrew Tate, a former kickboxer, is an American-British influencer well known for his infamous opinions about women and modern masculinity.

He first rose to fame from an appearance on Big Brother after retiring from Kickboxing. Then after that, he built up his personal brand focusing heavily on influencer marketing. Although he is popular, he is highly controversial today.

Andrew Tate regularly posts videos of his expensive lifestyle and they often circulate on TikTok and YouTube. He claims to own 28 supercars, a private jet, and a private yacht. So, in this piece, we will take a closer look at Andrew Tate Net Worth in 2023.

Quick Facts About Andrew Tate

What is the age of Andrew Tate?

Andrew Tate is 35 years old

Andrew Tate Height

Andrew Tate is 6 feet 1 inches tall which is 185 cms.

Andrew Tate Weight

Tate weighs 196 pounds or 89kg.

Andrew Tate Net Worth 2023

The actual Net Worth of Andrew Tate is hard to tell because he has never allowed a third party entity like Forbes magazine to audit his assets.

Some sources claim Andrew Tate’s Net Worth is $355 million, other sources as much as $1 billion with a monthly income of than $4 million and assets that make up the rest. Andrew Tate owns an expensive house in Bucharest and a large collection of cars.

The Andrew Tate car collection includes a Porsche 911, Mercedes Benz, Aston Martin, Range Rover, and a $5.2 million dollar Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport, just to mention a few.

Tate flies all over the world in his private jet, and regularly has $10,000 – $40,000 dollar dinners in the finest restaurants in Dubai.

Andrew Tate has holdings in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Andrew Tate once mentioned on a podcast that he is actually worth a trillion dollars, which would make him richer than other celebrities like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos but that’s highly unlikely.

A more conservative estimate puts his net worth at $50 million dollars, which is still a lot.

Andrew Tate’s Businesses

Andrew Tate runs more than 10 businesses and he claims that they generate him a lot of money every month. The sources of Andrew Tate’s net worth in 2023 are:

  • Professional Kickboxing
  • Television Advertising Company
  • Webcam Modeling Company
  • Romanian Casinos
  • Online Courses
  • OnlyFans Management
  • The War Room
  • The Real World
  • Top G Merch
  • Top G Supps

Professional Kickboxing

Andrew Tate’s first source of income was Kickboxing. As a professional kickboxer, he won 4 kickboxing world championships, and made up to $100,000 dollars per fight.

“Kickboxing isn’t boxing… it’s hard to make a good living in the kickboxing world.

I was making decent money, upwards of $50,000 – $100,000 per fight.

But by the time you pay your coach and the rest of your team, there isn’t much left over.”

Although that was a lot of money to most people, he says that he could not get rich fighting.

Andrew Tate worked as a commentator for the Romanian UFC organization and claims to have brokered a deal to own 10% equity in the company. It is hard to verify whether that’s true or whether he still owns the equity.

Television Advertising Company

Andrew Tate’s first real business venture when he left kickboxing was starting a television advertising company called T2 television. He started the company with someone else and was making money very quickly.

He was paying to get old clients on television with the revenue generated from new clients. The business did not last long and was shut down in one and a half years.

Andrew openly admitted that the business was basically a Ponzi scheme.

Andrew Tate’s Online Courses

In addition to the webcam studios, Andrew Tate was also selling online video courses. He realized that there was money to be made online so he came up with courses on subjects he felt he was good at.

For example, he sold courses on how to get in shape, how to make money, and how to have better relationships.

He grew his popularity on social media and used that influence to promote his courses.

Andrew Tate sold online courses for many years, but eventually decided to wind them down to focus on other businesses like Hustler University and The Real World.

Webcam Modeling Company

Although television advertising was his first gig, the one that truly made him a millionaire was the webcam business.

Andrew Tate started a webcam company with his brother Tristan Tate in Tate’s apartment. They started the business with models who were Tate’s girlfriends and eventually grew the operation so big, at their peak they had over 70 different models.

According to Tate, they made six figure profits per month with the webcam business.

Andrew Tate says that starting the webcam studios made him a millionaire because he was worth over $7 million dollars by the time he was 27 years old.

The Tate Brothers admit that running webcam studios was very challenging, so they decided to downsize the business to focus on other businesses.

Onlyfans Management

When the Tate brothers decided to downsize their webcam business, they decided to transform it into an OnlyFans management business. Although the webcam business was far more profitable it is far easier for them to manage this business.

With their newly streamlined business, they only had 10 models working for them yet it still generates $200,000 dollars per month. They consider it a modernized version of their old webcam studios.

Tristan Tate is the one who manages the OnlyFans business, leaving Andrew to focus on other businesses, like The Real World and The War Room.

Casino Business

Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan run a chain of Romanian casinos. It is said that they own 15 Romanian casinos. He said

“I have 4 primary sources of income that I’m prepared to disclose to the world. The first thing is I own some casinos in Romania.”

They opened the first Romanian casino when Andrew was in his early 30’s. According to his estimates, the casinos generate more than $1 million dollars per month.

Consequently, Andrew has openly admitted that the casinos are one of his most profitable businesses.

Andrew came to learn about the Casino business while he was doing commentary work for the RXF, the Romanian UFC organization. He overhead some businessmen talking about their casino businesses and how they made millions of dollars a day.

Andrew Tate wanted to get involved with this business plan so he eventually came up with a plan to open his own casinos in Romania. He approached the businessmen and pledged to pay to open locations, so it costs them no money to be involved. He told them he’d give them a percentage of turnover, not profit so they’d make money even when the business wasn’t profitable. He told them he would open it next door to their #1 competitor in Romania.

Tate’s casinos are not like traditional casinos that have hundreds of employees and stations where you can play card games like Black Jack. He went with casinos that were electronic only because they are profitable and have many advantages over the traditional model. So, he had slot machines and other electronic-only games.

The War Room

The War Room is one of Andrew Tate’s most profitable businesses. It is defined as a global network of high-level entrepreneurs and business owners with members in more than 70 different countries. These members communicating with each other on how to increase their income, acquire international passports and residencies, and maximize their freedom.

The program costs $5,454.00 to join.

The War Room is run through Telegram channels although Tate schedules regular in-person meet ups.

Andrew Tate says that having a network of people surrounding you holds you accountable and inspires you to push yourself further. They motivate you when you are down and become your support network when you need advice.

Andrew says that he is constantly kicking members out who do not perform at a high level. Andrew claimed that he approximately has 4,000 members in The War Room, which means The War Room has generated millions of dollars in revenue.

Andrew Tate regularly starts businesses with members of The War Room. If you have a brilliant business idea but lack the capital, he will invest in you.

War Plans

War Plans is yet another source of revenue for Andrew Tate. You can find out more about it on the cobra tate website. He charges $4.97 for it.

It is basically a 10-minute live chat text-based conversation with a Tate-approved coach to help you craft a plan of attack to forge success.

Tate believes that most people have dreams of the lives they want to live but they never get them because they don’t plan. He says that the only way to get to your goals is to have a solid system on how to get it. War Plans is what he says will help you start.

Tales of Wudan

Tales of Wudan is an e-book that Andrew Tate sells on his website.

The book costs $3 and Andrew claims that he uses it to teach his students his ways and how to live life.

The Real World

The Real World, is the new education platform that Andrew Tate created to replace what was formerly known as Hustler’s University. It is one of his most profitable businesses. Andrew’s brother, Tristan Tate was describing the program, saying:

“The Real World is my brother Andrew Tate’s business. It used to be called Hustler’s University, but we’re rebranding it and upgrading the entire program.

Andrew started Hustler’s University in 2021 to teach his followers how to make money online as quickly as possible. When he got cancelled, he decided to shut down Hustler’s University and rebrand it as “The Real World,” a platform that is meant to teach men how to break away from “The Matrix.”

He claims that The Real World has already gained more than 200,000 members. Members learn about modern wealth creation strategies like e-commerce, copywriting, and trading.

Andrew says that the program teaches more than 18 different money-making strategies. He says that he teaches modern wealth creation methods because the old ways of making money people get taught in school and by parents, are outdated.

The Real World charges $49 dollars per month just like HU. This means The Real World is generating a lot of money in revenue every month.

Some people accused Andrew that Hustler’s University (and now The Real World) was nothing more than a multi-level pyramid scheme, where older members were paid to bring new members into the program. He defended his model saying that he uses a very simple affiliate marketing program to attract new members just like companies like Amazon do affiliate marketing.

Top G Merchandise

Just like any other online influencer or famous person, Andrew Tate also sells merchandise, including Top G themed clothes, coffee mugs, and more.

He has complained that many people impersonate him and sell merchandise on the internet but the only way to buy authentic merch from him is through his Top G store.

“Exclusive hard to obtain Merchandise. That’s the goal, put out a product that is hard to collect.

And over the next few years of limited edition launches, we will see who owns what.

To assure this is easy to track, every purchased Merchandise item comes with a free NFT mint.”

It is unclear how much Andrew Tate makes from his merchandise business.

Top G Supplements

Andrew Tate also has a company called Top G Supplements. It is his newest business and he sells supplements for people who are working out or want to enhance their brainpower.

He sells three products, Unmatched Perspicacity (a Nootropic), Sheer Indefatigability (a Multivitamin), and Feared Opponent (a Testosterone Booster).

The names of these three products were inspired by a quote attributed to his late father, Emory Tate:

“My unmatched perspicacity, combined with sheer indefatigability, makes me a feared opponent in any realm of human endeavor.”

Andrew Tate claims that his ability to work hard and observe his surroundings enables him to be good at whatever he puts his mind to. That is enhanced by taking supplements.

Who is Andrew Tate?

Emory Andrew Tate III (nick named cobra tate) was Born on 14th December, 1986. His father, Emory Tate was a renowned chess player and his mom a lovely catering assistant. His father was African-American making Andrew mixed-race. Andrew Tate holds citizenships of the UK and the US.

During his childhood, Andrew was exposed to self defense classes and he developed a deep passion and love for the skills. When he met a guy called Amir Subasic, who was behind the promotion of UK’s kickboxing series called SuperFight, he decided to pursue kickboxing as a career. Andrew Tate education in fighting was a steep and quick learning curve.

Tate won 17 out of 19 bouts in his professional kickboxing career. Tate started his career in 2008 and fought many times for the British Cruiserweight Championship. He fought in 2009 for the ISKA English Lite Cruiserweight Title and won it, beating Paul Randle. He also won the Full Contact Cruiserweight championship that was held by the International Sport Karate Association (ISKA) in Derby, England.

Andrew Tate Banned From Social Media

Andrew Tate was banned from social media for his remarks on women. Many people felt that his opinions were offensive and a bad influence on young people, particularly young men.

He got back on Twitter when his account was reinstated following the takeover of the company by Elon Musk. Tate posted about The Real World as soon as the ban was lifted.

Andrew raised eyebrows when he announced that he had converted to Islam.

Andrew Tate arrested in Romania recently along with his associates for human trafficking, among other charges. The investigations are ongoing as I write this.

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