Andre Agassi Provides Uncommon Insight into His Marriage with Steffi Graff

Andre Agassi, the eight-time Grand Slam winner, found his perfect match. It’s like a sports fairytale, really. In 2001, he tied the knot with Steffi Graf, another tennis legend. She’s bagged a staggering 22 Grand Slam titles in her career.

They’ve been married for over two decades now. Their partnership? It’s not just on the court, but off it too. And it’s thriving, let me tell you.

Just recently, they were crowned pickleball champs. This happened at a tournament in sunny Florida. They beat John McEnroe and Maria Sharapova, other all-star opponents.

Agassi, now 53, had a cheeky comment about their win. In an exclusive chat with E! News, he said, “Well, it’s easy to be champions when you choose your opponents.” But he was quick to add, “No, it was a great outlet for us. We do love doing it, we love doing it together.”

Turns out, pickleball isn’t the only ‘normal’ activity they enjoy together. They’ve got two kids, Jaden and Jaz. And they make it a point to do things as a family.

Andre shared, “We love cooking together. We love hiking together. We even love grocery shopping together, dividing and conquering. So it’s real life. And we’re blessed.” So, there you have it. A sports fairytale, but with a real-life twist.