Ali Krieger Announces Readiness to Date Following Split from Ashlyn Harris

Ali Krieger is on the move. She’s got her eye on the ball and is ready to push forward.

The U.S. Women’s National Team’s shining star has made it clear. She’s open to meeting someone new. This comes after her fellow soccer player, Ashlyn Harris, filed for divorce in October 2023. They had been married for four years.

Ali is a mom to two kids – Sloane, who’s 2, and Ocean, who’s 18 months old. She shares them with Ashlyn. On a Feb. 13 episode of CBS’ Kickin’ It, she confessed something. She’s “ready to move forward into this next phase with my kids.”

Co-host Kate Abdo asked a question. Was Ali interested in dating? The 39-year-old had a clear answer: “I am.”

But, that’s not all. Ali had more to say. The retired defender also shared some details about her dating preferences.

“I might be opening up to 100 percent of the population,” she said. That’s a shift from her previous stance of considering only 50 percent.

This isn’t Ali’s first time talking about moving on. Her split from Ashlyn, who’s now rumored to be dating actress Sophia Bush, has been a topic before. Just last month, Ali shared her journey to a “healthy space” post-breakup.