A List of Celebrities That Love Gambling in Their Free Time

A List of Celebrities That Love Gambling in Their Free Time
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Did you know that some celebrities love to gamble in their free time? In fact, they even enjoy it more than anything else! Whether they’re playing blackjack at a casino or betting on horses, these celebs can’t seem to get enough of gambling.

Why do celebrities gamble?

Celebrities are often portrayed as leading glamorous and jet-set lifestyles. However, what many people don’t realize is that celebrities are also big fans of casino games. For many of them, gambling is a way to relax and have fun.

After a long day of work, there’s nothing better than sitting down at a poker table and trying to outwit your opponents. Las Vegas is a popular destination for celebrities, who can often be seen taking part in high-stakes games at the city’s famous casinos.

While some celebrities do get addicted to gambling, for most of them it’s simply a harmless way to enjoy themselves. Here are just a few of the casino-loving celebrities.

Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx is no stranger to gambling. In fact, the award-winning actor and musician has been known to place bets on everything from basketball games to presidential elections. And while his gambling habits might seem like harmless fun, they’ve actually caused him some serious financial problems.

In 2012, for instance, Foxx lost $5 million after placing a bet on the Miami Heat to win the NBA championship. And just last year, he was forced to pay off a $1 million gambling debt after losing a bet on the 2016 presidential election. Despite these setbacks, however, Foxx continues to gamble regularly.

In fact, it’s rumored that he even has a gambling room in his house where he often invites friends and family to join him for a game or two. Whether you love or hate Jamie Foxx, there’s no denying that he’s one of Hollywood’s most interesting characters – and his gambling habits are definitely part of that!

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of Hollywood’s most well-known actors. He’s also known for his love of gambling, particularly poker. DiCaprio has been spotted at high-stakes poker games in Las Vegas and other locations around the world.

In fact, gambling is said to be one of his favorite pastimes. While some people might view gambling as a way to relieve stress or simply have fun, for DiCaprio it seems to be more than that.

For him, gambling is a way to test his skills and take risks. And while he doesn’t always come out on top, his willingness to put everything on the line is a large part of what makes Leonardo DiCaprio such a compelling actor.

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is no stranger to gambling. In fact, he’s been known to place some pretty hefty bets on everything from sports to card games. And while he’s had some big wins over the years, he’s also had some pretty costly losses.

In 2001, for instance, he is said to have lost $400,000 during a game of BLACKJACK in Las Vegas. And in 2004, he reportedly lost $600,000 during a poker tournament in London. But despite these setbacks, Ben Affleck continues to gamble – and he seems to be doing pretty well for himself.

In fact, according to some estimates, his current net worth is around $150 million. So it looks like his gambling habits aren’t hurting him too much financially.

Tobey Maguire

Tobey Maguire is best known for his role as Spiderman, but in recent years he has made headlines for his gambling habits. Maguire is said to be a regular at high-stakes poker games, where he has been known to win (and lose) millions of dollars in a single night. While some view gambling as a harmless pastime, others have raised concerns about Maguire’s addictive behavior.

In 2011, he was sued by another player who accused him of cheating, and earlier this year he was reportedly banned from playing at one of Las Vegas’ most exclusive casinos. Whatever the truth may be, it’s clear that gambling has become a central part of Maguire’s life – for better or for worse.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton is no stranger to gambling. The socialite has been photographed inside some of the world’s most prestigious casinos, and she is rumored to have racked up quite a bit of debt from her gaming habits. But what drives Hilton to gamble? Is it the thrill of the game, or is she simply addicted to the excitement and money that comes with gambling?

For Hilton, gambling may simply be a way to escape the reality of her life. As a member of the wealthy elite, she often feels pressure to maintain a certain image and lifestyle. Gambling provides her with a much-needed sense of release, where she can let loose and enjoy herself without worrying about conforming to society’s expectations.

Additionally, gambling gives Hilton a chance to feel in control – something that is often lacking in her life. When she’s placing bets and playing games, she gets to call the shots and decide her own fate. In a way, gambling may be Paris Hilton’s way of taking control of her life and destiny.

Matt Damon

Since his early days as an actor, Matt Damon has been known to enjoy a good gamble. He’s been spotted playing poker in Hollywood casinos and is rumored to have won big at the blackjack table on more than one occasion.

However, it’s not just casino games that Damon enjoys – he’s also been known to bet on sporting events. While some might see gambling as a risky endeavor, Damon seems to have a pretty good handle on it. He’s usually careful about the bets he makes and doesn’t seem to be too worried about losing money.

In fact, he once said that he sees gambling as “an investment in entertainment.” For Damon, gambling is all about having fun and enjoying the thrill of the win. And judging by his track record, it seems like he knows what he’s doing.

George Clooney

George Clooney is no stranger to gambling. The Oscar-winning actor has been known to partake in poker tournaments, and he’s even been spotted at high-stakes blackjack tables in Las Vegas. Clooney’s gambling habits were brought to light once again recently when it was revealed that he had lost $1 million in a poker game to casino owner Sheldon Adelson.

While some might see Clooney’s gambling as a sign of recklessness, others view it as simply another example of his willingness to take risks. After all, Clooney is a man who has made a career out of taking chances – and more often than not, those chances have paid off. Whether it’s his work in front of the camera or his political activism, Clooney has always been willing to put everything on the line for what he believes in.

And that same fearlessness is evident in his approach to gambling. Clooney may not always come out ahead, but his willingness to take risks is one of the things that makes him so successful – both on and off the casino floor.

Brad Pitt

Although he’s now one of the most famous actors in the world, Brad Pitt didn’t always have such a glamorous lifestyle. In fact, during his early days in Hollywood, he often spent his nights gambling at online casinos.

Pitt was notorious for playing high-stakes games and often wound up losing large sums of money. However, he didn’t seem to mind too much; gambling was just something that he enjoyed doing. These days, Pitt is a bit more low-key when it comes to gambling.

He still enjoys playing online casino games but doesn’t do it as often as he used to. Nevertheless, it’s clear that gambling is something that has always been a part of Pitt’s life.

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is one of the most successful basketball players of all time. He is also well-known for his gambling habits, which have sometimes gotten him into trouble. Jordan has been spotted at blackjack and poker tables in casinos around the world, and he is said to be a very skilled gambler.

However, his gambling has also led to some costly losses. In 1993, Jordan lost $1.25 million dollars in a single night of blackjack, and in 2012, he was sued for failing to repay a $4 million loan that he had used to cover gambling debts.

Despite these setbacks, Jordan continues to gamble on a regular basis. For him, gambling is simply a way to enjoy himself and relax. It remains to be seen whether his love of gambling will ever get the best of him.

50 Cent

Rapper 50 Cent is no stranger to casino games or gambling sites. The “In Da Club” singer has been spotted at a number of casino and poker events over the years, and he’s even used his music to promote gambling products.

The rapper has been photographed playing poker, blackjack, and roulette. He even has his own casino-themed clothing line. In 2016, 50 Cent reportedly won nearly $500,000 at a casino in Las Vegas. However, his gambling habits have also gotten him into trouble.

In 2015, he was ordered to pay close to $5 million to a casino after failing to repay a gambling debt. And in 2017, he was sued for $181 million after allegedly missing payments on a casino loan. Despite the setbacks, it seems clear that 50 Cent enjoys the thrill of gambling and is not afraid to take risks.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen’s casino gambling addiction has been well-documented. The actor has frequently been seen in casino settings, and he has admitted to blowing large sums of money on gambling.

However, casino gambling is just one aspect of Sheen’s gambling habits. The actor is also a sports bettor, and he has been known to place bets on games through online casino websites. In addition, Sheen most likely plays online casino games for real money.

As a result, Sheen’s gambling habits are both varied and well-established. Given the actor’s high-profile status, his gambling addiction is likely to have a significant impact on the public’s perception of casino gaming and sports betting.


Celebrities who love gambling often find themselves in the public eye. This can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how they handle it.

Those who are able to keep their gambling under control and enjoy it in moderation often find that it enhances their public image. On the other hand, celebrities who get caught up in their addiction can find their careers and personal lives damaged as a result.

For celebrities, as with anyone else, moderation is key when it comes to gambling. As long as they are able to stick to that rule, they can enjoy the casino games without doing any lasting damage to themselves or their careers.