Rewrite this title without quotes for SEO: “Shania Twain Responds to Lukas Gage’s Apology for “Wasting Her Time””

The star of Euphoria wasn’t exactly thrilled about his and Chris’ wedding attire. They had donned matching black fur coats and leather pants. “I’m not sure what we were thinking,” he joked. Those fur coats? Terrible idea.

Lukas chimed in, adding his own two cents. “Honestly, I can’t tell you what was going through my mind. But hey, we live, we learn, right?”

On another note, Lukas addressed some rumors. Cheating allegations? Nah, he dismissed them. But why the breakup with Chris? Well, he couldn’t spill the beans due to an NDA.

Lukas then reflected on their marriage. “I was in a manic state for half a year,” he confessed. He called it one of the most unhinged things he’d ever done. Crazy times, huh?

But don’t count Lukas out of the marriage game just yet. He’s open to tying the knot again. He even admitted to having an impulsive streak. “I might end up with six more marriages,” he quipped.

Want more? Keep reading. We’re taking a trip down memory lane, revisiting Lukas and Chris’ whirlwind romance.