7 Hottest Female Stars Who Are Into Weed-Smoking

Photo by Dennis Ottink

Who makes it to the female celebrity smoker list in Hollywood? Only those who openly speak out about their love for cannabis. More stars may appreciate the herb but don’t feel comfortable publicizing it.

That’s okay; we’ll respect their privacy. For now, let’s light a joint with celebrities we know about and get to know the flower-inspired side of their lives.

Those stars who prefer to keep their recreational habits a secret might be growing the best feminized marijuana seeds on the block.

Let’s discover 7 of the most prominent female celebs who enjoy puffing on some weed. 

7 Female Celebrities Who Smoke Weed

Rihanna’s deep love for smoking weed comes as no surprise to celeb news. Where Riri goes, cannabis follows: It’s a joint venture that sets this star’s spirit free. With the number of times she smokes, she’s almost the female version of Snoop Dogg.

Her badgalriri image makes her one of the baddest female celebrities to live, smoke, and even wear all things cannabis. Since she’s a famous face of marijuana, let’s check out some other lady stars who enjoy puffing this herb.

1. Jennifer Lawrence

The Hunger Games star isn’t publicly flamboyant about her weed hobbies but has no problem talking about experiences she’s encountered. Jennifer Lawrence is a down-to-earth, approachable person who enjoys smoking cannabis for recreational purposes.

Like a few other celebrity women, smoking to get into character for a particular role is vital to her. With her producers’ permission, she puffed before shooting a scene in Don’t Look Up, where she plays a stoner astronomer.

Lawrence happily admits to out-smoking Woody Harrelson once. She’s gotten high with rappers at Ellen DeGeneres’s birthday party, and she’s smoked with her brother outside the Oscars.

2. Zoë Kravitz

Zoë Kravitz openly confesses her fondness of marijuana and often dismisses any negative energy surrounding it. Instead, the free-spirited goddess spends her free time in long baths, cooking, watching her favorite movies, and smoking weed.

She’s been enjoying weed since she was fourteen and openly admitted to having shared a joint with her famous mother, Lisa Bonet.

Kravitz appreciates the marijuana flower in its most natural form. In a video interview for “InStyle Magazine,” she states, “cannabis-infused wellness products don’t get you high, not cool, it’s a waste of cannabis.”

3. Bella Thorne

If you’ve got a cupboard in your kitchen dedicated to marijuana, you know this star means serious canna-business. Bella Thorne is an unapologetic weed lover and pays tribute to the health benefits it possesses.

She started using cannabis concentrates as a youngster to help manage her anxiety, stomach cramps, and panic attacks.

The Shake it Up actress is certainly creating shock waves in the marijuana industry with her thriving cannabis and CBD brand. Her deep-seated passion for the plant’s healing properties inspired the business venture.

Thorne prefers having her weed in a joint, but gummies are her favorite edibles.

4. Megan Fox

What celebrities smoke weed and openly call “America’s War on Drugs” propaganda? Megan Fox does. She’s a cannabis activist who stands up for her recreational smoking activities.

In 2019 she told GQ about the negative attention some people have given her for avidly speaking about toking weed.

Fox’s love for cannabis attracted her to MGK (Colson Baker). The two met in 2020 at a GQ party in Los Angeles and exchanged words of marijuana. The trending first words, “I am Weed,” that Baker said to her is what melted the foxy celeb’s heart. 

They started dating shortly after and are now engaged. Fox and Baker share similar interests in their karmic relationship and often enjoy smoking together.

5. Anna Faris

Anna Faris, the 2007 High Times Stony Award-winning actress, speaks freely about her cannabis consumption. Her stoner role in Smiley Face landed her the Stonette of Year trophy, which is a bong. She occasionally uses it to smoke weed.

Faris is well known for the kind, quirky, spontaneous (and sometimes high) personalities she portrays on the screen. She fits in with the famous female smokers well, with her off-screen love for cannabis.

She’s a stern advocate for marijuana and pushes to normalize it. Word on the street is she enjoys intellectual talks about the herb and brings it up in most conversations.

6. Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunst has admitted on various occasions that she likes marijuana. She may not be a heavy stoner celeb but freely speaks about the positive attributes of cannabis. She stated, “If everyone smoked weed, the world would be better.”

While filming Woodstock in 2017, she accidentally smoked a real joint instead of a prop. She recalls this experience as the highest she’d ever been since she only occasionally partakes.

7. Ilana Glazer

Ilana Glazer makes the female celebrity smoker list for her dedicated marijuana smoking habits. She tokes every day, at any time, during any activity. The Broad City actress and producer says cannabis helps her creative processes and relaxes her during stressful times.

Glazer states that weed is her thing. She loves how it makes her feel and helps her write and edit scripts for her shows.

If a cannabis seeds bank ever needed a celebrity to promote their business, Glazer is the person for the job. Her love for the plant is authentic. She incorporates it into her personal and on-screen life every chance she gets.

The Highest Stars Shine the Brightest

Cannabis-smoking women celebrities are showing other enthusiasts how to do it in style. These celebrities balance life, relationships, kids, and on-screen time, all while enjoying the herb.

Some famous figures with green fingers who enjoy being in the garden fully appreciate the flowers as they cultivate them from seeds. While recreational reasons still sit at the forefront of most celebrities’ smoking habits, many use weed for its therapeutic benefits. 

Jennifer Gallagher

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