5 Signs the Woman You’re Seeing Is Really Just Using You

5 Signs the Woman You’re Seeing Is Really Just Using You
Photo by Brooke Cagle

Every man’s been there a time or two. He starts seeing someone new, she’s incredible, and before he knows it, he’s completely head over heels for her and prepared to become her full-time sugardaddy. But he just can’t shake the fact that something’s off, and after a while, he starts suspecting he might be getting full-on used.

If you’re currently going through something similar with a would-be sugar baby you’re seeing, then you don’t need to be told what an awful feeling that is. But the sooner you can figure out for sure whether that’s really the case, the sooner you can move on with your life and find a woman who truly deserves to be with you. Here are some telltale signs to look out for. If you do find out you’re being used by your current sugar baby there’s plenty more looking for a new guy at Sugar Daddy For Me, get a free membership and see who grabs your eye.

  • She refuses to define your relationship

Although you think of her as someone you’re dating and describe her that way to other people, you’re not at all sure she does the same. In fact, sometimes it’s hard to feel like the two of you are dating at all. 

Maybe she blows you off when you try to discuss your relationship, saying she doesn’t like labels. Or perhaps she seems overly reluctant to be seen with you in public and refuses to introduce you to others as anything other than a friend. Women who are serious about their men act serious, not like it’s a big bother even to acknowledge them.

  • She seems hung up on other guys

So many men don’t think anything of getting involved with a sugar baby who’s still getting over another relationship. They think they’ll be able to love her so hard that she’ll forget all about her ex the minute she sees how much better off she is. But things never actually work out that way.  

If your woman is fresh out of a breakup with someone she can’t stop talking (or complaining) about – especially if she doesn’t seem to be self-conscious at all about doing that – the chances are pretty good that you’re just a rebound guy. The same goes for women who constantly talk about other guys they’re attracted to, in general.

  • She only wants to talk when she needs something

Is your would-be sugar baby the type of woman who’s always busy? Does she always have an excuse at the ready when you really want to see her but magically has the time for you when she needs something? At best, she’s selfish, but there’s a great chance she’s simply using you, as well.

If a woman likes you, wants you, and values your company, she doesn’t need a reason – like being lonely, bored, horny, or in need of a favor – to talk to you or hang out with you. She thinks about you and misses you when you’re not around, just because you’re you.

  • She won’t introduce you to her friends

When a woman is just using a sugardaddy she’s dating, she typically prefers to keep their relationship separate from the rest of her life. One sure sign that’s what she’s doing is she doesn’t introduce you to any of her friends. And not only does she not offer on her own, but she refuses to let you meet them even if you ask to outright.

Consider what happens if you ever run into anyone she knows while you’re out and about together, as well. Do things feel awkward? Does she let you just stand there without even bothering to introduce you? Do these other people ever have the faintest idea who you even are? If not, that’s not a good sign.

  • She acts more like a friend than a girlfriend

Even if you are dating a free spirit who genuinely hates labels, you should still get the impression that she sees you as more than just a friend. So ask yourself how your so-called sugar baby behaves when you spend one-on-one time together. For example, does she constantly say things that feel designed to pump the brakes on any possibility of your relationship moving forward? Perhaps it’s just time to move on.

Does she say she likes you but follow it up with concerns that the two of you are moving too fast? Does she make offhand comments about how she’s just not ready for anything serious right now… until the next time she needs a handout, a favor, or some attention? She’s looking for a sugardaddy to use, not a sugardaddy to love.

Although it’s never a great feeling to realize someone you hoped you had a future with was just using you all along, there’s an upside to be considered. See it as proof that you’ve got something to offer. Then, when you’re ready, get out there and find a woman who wants to treat her sugardaddy as well as he treats her.