5 Gambling Influencers You Should Follow

5 Gambling Influencers You Should Follow
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In 1980, Dr. Ivan Mindlin began molding Billy Walters into the most successful sports bettor of all time. The rules of the game haven’t changed in four decades. Mentors are still the people in charge of curating the gambling hall of fame. Finding a gambling influencer in the golden age of the internet is a piece of cake. From opulent video streamers to charismatic bloggers, and even big time celebrities, cyberspace is teeming with gambling mentors. However, blindly following one could also be a way to learn to lose. You need top-tier mentors who can put you on the right track. The current unicorns among gambling influencers in online spaces are as follows:

Lady Luck

Francine takes on the role of the mythical Lady Luck. She does it all, from teaching how to win big money to providing avenues for earning awards. Typically, her content is peppered with tips and tricks for winning big money, particularly casino jackpots. She is also passionate about her casino visits, as well as her life and times in the gambling industry.

Lady Luck’s YouTube channel has the most views in the category of female-hosted slots channels. Her winning secrets have earned her approximately 203,000 YouTube subscribers, over 175,000 Facebook fans, and numerous TikTok and Instagram followers.

Every second spent on the gambling mentor’s content is worth it because of her vast experience and network. Even better, her enchantment will keep you entertained, so you won’t be bored. She’s attractive, interesting, and relatable. Following Lady Luck is a must-do for punters looking to make a fortune over time.

Dave Dealer

Dave Dealer isn’t one to make unexpected social media appearances, but his websites are brimming with gambling knowledge, wisdom, and expertise.

Dave began his career as a casino dealer on a cruise ship, where he met many professional gamblers and learned a plethora of gambling secrets. His generous nature led him to share his acquired knowledge with both amateurs and professionals. Over the years, Dave has helped many people learn about gambling and win big money.

This great influencer’s notable and distinct feature is his expertise in online gambling. Because he works with numerous online casinos, Dave has a diverse portfolio and often guides his followers on how to find the best bonus. You can look him up if you want to learn the art of online gambling.

Brian Christopher

Brian Christopher is yet another successful gambler whose mentoring is deserving of recognition. His YouTube videos have received over 50 million total views, which is no small feat. Because of his gambling knowledge and prowess, almost all of his videos have well over a million views.

Brian Christopher is the world’s leading slot machine and casino influencer. He is well-known for his relevance to Millennials as well as his accomplishments in film, television, and theater. His content focuses on his casino experiences, particularly playing slot machines in casinos all over the world. Following him is highly recommended, especially if you want to learn more about casinos all over the world.


Scott Richter, also known as Raja, has had his fair share of ups and downs in the gambling world. ‘The Big Jackpot’ guy used to thrive alongside Christopher Brian, another gambling YouTuber. However, YouTube brought him to his knees by suspending his channel for alleged compliance violations. However, the megastar has returned with a vengeance, and you can profit from his vast gambling experience accumulated over time.

Raja typically hosts live streams, a strategy that has propelled him to unfathomable heights. Most people are impressed by his dexterity on the slot machine, which he freely displays by playing high stakes slots that earn him large sums of money. You should follow him if you want a tip or two on how to make money from slot machines.


Aside from his cool moniker, the self-proclaimed ‘born gambler’ has extensive betting experience. Since 2008, the gambling veteran has been actively contributing to the gambling community through content-rich YouTube videos. On the platform, he has over 70,000 subscribers.

One of the most genuine gambling influencers in modern times is RocknRolla. Unlike most others, he does not portray gambling as a risk-free endeavor. He shows some of his worst losses on a regular basis, reminding his followers to be patient and persistent in the game of chance. After consistently showering him with positive feedback, his religious followers earned him a sponsorship from Big Win Board. The trusted influencer can be found on the recently launched forum dubbed ‘The Gambling Community.’

The five influencers on this list are well seasoned and have a track record of success in the gambling industry. Following them responsibly may help you discover your inner gambler.