3 Signs That Someone You’re Dating Is Married

3 Signs That Someone You’re Dating Is Married
Photo by Wu Jianxiong

Many people in our community subscribe to dating. It means spending time with your date hoping to build a stronger relationship that will tie your lives together in the long term. Therefore, with the long-term view of making a life together, many people would avoid dating married men, as it often leads nowhere. You might be the other woman who is partly responsible for destroying his family, whether it is happy or in tatters. 

A common understanding is that ‘men who cheat will always cheat.’ The Institute of Family Studies states that 20% of men in America reported unfaithfulness to their spouses. The key word is those that reported cheating. We expect a higher percentage to include those who did not. If you suspect the man you are dating is married, you can conduct a background check in Ohio or any other state corresponding to your specific situation. First, it is essential to remember that a strong relationship builds on trust, commitment, and honesty, to mention a few. Look out for these signs:

  • You are Having Odd Hours Relationship

We might call him the ‘snipper guy.’ He only wants to see you at specific times and is unavailable any other time. He is not available and is always busy on weekends. Maybe he spends this time with his wife and children. You are not his go-to person for events in his life, where you most likely will meet people who know he is married. You only get to meet in secluded places, and he often picks up the places you will meet.

  • You Do Not Know His Folks Nor His Details.

He has never introduced you to his close relatives, nor does he plan to do so. Have you met his trusted friends? He always comes up with an excuse why you cannot meet them. He is too busy to hang out with his friends. Constantly making excuses that something unplanned happened, he cancels the visit to his parent’s place or a meet-up with his friends. You get the drift. When you meet his friends unexpectedly, he does not introduce you to his friends. He might present you as his workmate, cousin, or other, but not his girlfriend. A man who is proud to have you with him will not hide you. He will want you by his side and proudly introduce you to his close-knit friends and family. 

Do you know his last name, where he works, and where he lives? Does he ever invite you to his place? Do you know any personal details about him? Then you are not in a committed relationship. Most likely, he is hiding these details from you so that you do not get to know he has a family.

  • The Phone Thing

When you are out together, you notice either a trend that he keeps getting phone calls that makes him tense, or he immediately shuts off his phone or quickly walks away to take the call. It is not a hard and fast rule. It could be his work. 

When you call him in the evening, he immediately disconnects the call, and when he calls you back, he whispers or asks you not to call him at that hour. 

Have you tried to text him when you are together, and your number comes up as another name, for example, ‘Mark,’ and not yours? Take the hint. Your name disguised as he has that special someone at home who might come across his phone when it rings.


A married player knows the above rules, and he knows how to ‘play the game’ of appearing single. If you feel insecure or you have the intuition that he is playing you, do not ignore the feeling. Make your probe or out rightly ask him if he is married. Give your loved one a hugging ring.