27 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers (Real & Active)

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Gaining huge popularity on Instagram is not bound to the biggest stars right now. Common users are becoming viral overnight with their content. All these latest trends are because of the great updates Instagram provides for its users. The road to becoming an influencer takes months for Instagram creators. Hundreds of content creations lead to such a huge follower count. Don’t miss out on your chance to go viral. Buy Instagram followers and start getting more exposure for you or your business page.

Some of the best websites help with Instagram marketing plans. As the secure website sends out real followers, the slow growth becomes faster. This steady level of activity on the account is going to create a huge impact on Instagram followers. Users start with only a few followers on Instagram and keep growing as they take the help of Instagram marketing. 

Buy Instagram Followers (Engaging & Safe)


If you are looking for a website not selling ghost followers for Instagram, then move to SocialRush. Getting only real users, SocialRush ensures proper credibility to the account. They have their own social community on Instagram and users from here follow the account. SocialRush has the most popular growth plans offering not just followers but likes too. 

SocialRush offers only high-quality followers who engage in the content. Gradual delivery keeps the growth running with constant support and money-back guarantee from the best site to buy followers on instagram. For just $53.5 you can get 2500 followers and more than 100 organic likes on the posts. 

All these followers stay with the account for life. But with this, the safest promotion of the account helps with Instagram traffic. Even at this level, a 24/7 support system is available leading to genuine growth. 


Premium followers from the best Instagram plans of SocialPros offer the best quality reach. Only the best users are going to become followers of the account. Influencers can make their presence felt with these cheapest plans. The most selected plan is the one for 1000 followers at $12 only. 

Every plan has the potential to create a genuine impact. Fast delivery of the packages and benefits makes people want to buy more. As soon as the client orders the package online, instant delivery of all the followers starts. Apart from the refill or refund guarantee, SSL payment security is just another benefit. All these features and authenticity let the Instagram account get better credibility. 

Instagram fame is just a few steps ahead when it comes to plans from best sites to buy Instagram followers. Selecting the right plan and paying for the order completes the process. Clients can experience the best of each plan while they are relaxing or creating content. There is no match for the order tracking from SocialPros offering constant updates. 


With a 100% satisfaction guarantee and credibility of all the followers GetViral has thousands of customers right now. Experiences of people with the support of the best expert team attract people to buy Instagram followers. User-friendly websites make it really easy to order in just three steps. Experts from the live chat help at every step 24/7 so that ordering becomes easier than ever. 

The best part about GetViral is the custom package ideal for every single person. Based on requirements, buyers can select the number of followers they need. Nothing can beat the price list and variants of GetViral plans. At starting price of $3.99 for only 250 followers, the Instagram account offers a wider exposure with live tracking. 

Get all the followers you need with no requirement of passwords. It keeps the Instagram account safe and the additional refund policy just makes it better. All the privacy and monetary safety make plans attractive for buyers at GetViral.


Viralyft takes quality and security more seriously than anything. Best quality followers reach the buyers within days of ordering only. SSL security for payment gateway and the policy to save no payment info keeps all the data secure. Every client can maintain track of their order without facing the chances of data theft. 

Nothing goes better than a live order tracking facility after spending a few bucks. Viralyft makes life simpler for the clients where ordering takes just a few seconds. It needs only the Instagram URL and instantly starts reaching the account. Followers coming from Viralyft experience equal benefits. 

Viralyft only offers the best results proving it to be the best site to buy followers on instagram. Best option of 2500 Instagram followers comes at $35.99 only. Viralyft makes sure that safe and secure plans are available with a higher retention rate. These are basically non-drop followers who are set to stay helping clients improve account credibility. 


FollowerPackages offers a unique facility to compare plans. It helps Instagram creators enjoy the best package perfect for their accounts. The best part is definitely those custom packages. Now the decision about the number of followers is totally up to the influencers. These go beyond the basic Instagram follower packages and comes at cheap prices. 

It takes just two minutes to order and a few days to get the followers. Guaranteed delivery of premium quality followers will definitely lead to satisfactory results. All these followers are optimized as the audience of the account as soon as people buy IG followers. Targeted followers result in a higher view count of Instagram content. Get the best plan of 5000 followers at just $59 and experience the growth.

With live chat support, the clients can get in touch through a contact number. Experts are available all the time to sort out the issues and make the ordering experience seamless. Choose quality and benefits and select the premium Instagram plans from FollowerPackages. 


Instagram creators looking for follower plans should make proper use of trust policy and years of experience. Creators get to experience the unique network of users as followers. ViewsExpert website is total as per client needs. So just contact the website through the contact number or live chat and get the help you need. 

Clients like it when they get the plans they want. This fast delivery facility of followers from ViewsExpert is effective as clients only buy real Instagram followers. The best of all the plans is the bulk plan for 10000 followers just for $99.50. One plan giving out so much exposure to the account is a huge deal for people who are new to Instagram. 

Refill policy, single-day delivery, and constant support help with Instagram growth. Relevant followers lead to better traffic on the content. Every plan is equally effective with real benefits.


The risk-free setup of SocialPackages is something every Instagram user deserves. As the users are planning to buy the engagement at the start, they want the best marketing website. Plans start at $2.50 which is just some change you need to grow on Instagram. The premium followers with a 24/7 support facility make it actually simple to see the growth. 

As the followers from SocialPackages start pouring in, so does Instagram engagement. All these packages from the starter to bulk plans come with the feature of one- or two-day delivery, no-password policy, and worldwide followers. Followers from all directions induce better traffic. 

Growth becomes easier as influencers start getting targeted followers. The follower count starts getting multiplied with the absolute engagement of SocialPackages. Get guaranteed anonymity with every order of every price range. Many influencers excel with the help of the SocialPackages plan for Instagram. 


Guaranteed quality of likes from Fastlikes.io is the finest feature to attract buyers. Organic growth of the Instagram account is the expectation users possess while they are buying the followers. Every follower plan from a few hundred to thousands has similar benefits. These beneficial features include followers from all around the world. 

The worldwide exposure of new followers takes only a few days to reach. So, buyers can keep track of the delivery. If these buyers face any issue, they need to immediately contact the customer support team from Fastlikes.io. In case of delays when people buy real instagram followers, the refill guarantee and refund guarantee are there to save the day. 

The safe ordering feature with multiple payment methods lets any user order plans from here. Every Instagram user can enjoy their dedicated services and experience the highest Instagram traffic at a lower price. The best one among the lot is the 1500 follower plan for $19.99. For starters on Instagram is the price is a steal deal helping with their growth. 


Many websites have Instagram growth plans, but at Famoid there are specific plans just for reels. Active followers who will not only follow but watch the content is best for any website. As all people are real and interested, the follower count is set to stay stable for life. All these followers are safe for the account. 

Best feature from Famoid is the gradual delivery. Timed delivery keeps the growth fast and steady for multiple days. This brings external followers along with those from plans. At starting price of $3.95, these benefits are worth it. Even at such cheap prices, the lifetime guarantee is available with complete drop protection.

Bulk plans are the best at Famoid, with plans even for 15000 followers. Clients get to have the best ordering experience from the best sites to buy Instagram followers and the constant help of the support team. Getting followers is simpler than ordering itself, making it perfect for all. 


Start with the free 25 Instagram followers from Mr.Insta and check out the benefits. Here, both one-time plans and monthly subscriptions are available. So, choose wisely the one that is perfect for you to buy real instagram followers only. Guaranteed delivery of followers within a few hours brings the dream Instagram traffic. 

The best suitable plan for every user is the one for 2000 followers available at $60 only. It increases the chances of organic growth with results even after complete delivery. Complete safety and privacy guarantee make these plans perfect for anonymity while buying. 

As the best suitable choices, there are many payment options. But beyond just followers, there are many Instagram engagement plans. All are equally relevant for improving Instagram reach generating a directed social presence. 


With 25% discounts and faster management of Venium let all orders reach the clients within hours. Fans from around the world become followers resulting in increased traffic. Maintaining 100% confidentiality on every order, people feel safe at every step of ordering. 

People get to experience the best results after choosing Venium plans. The best satisfaction guarantee for every order helps the client choose every plan they can get their hands on. You can both chat with them or contact them if any of the plans fail to reach you. 

1000 followers for just $9.99 is really cheap compared to other websites to buy active instagram followers. All of 100% real followers from around the world lead to greater growth. But the best part is a lifetime guarantee for all the followers with genuine Instagram development. All such benefits come with live tracking so that people know everything about the plans they are expecting. 


Friendlylikes is a platform which is especially available just for Instagram. It is not just Instagram traffic, but improvements in popularity and visibility from each of the Instagram plans. So, all follower plans are perfect with the instant delivery feature.

Some great options like auto-followers, expert support and simple payment choice drive people to buy Instagram followers. Clients can get 500 followers for just $9.90 which is the perfect deal. Friendlylikes offers only real followers with the iconic no-password policy. Followers are safe for the account as they get filtered by experts. 

Just complete a two-step process and you can see the progress within hours. From the start of follower delivery, the engagement starts and continues even after completion. This proves their claims of providing 100% real followers and their strong client base.


InstaFollowers is the king of all bulk follower plans on Instagram. Clients rarely see a website where there are 100,000 followers from a single plan like here. All these followers are available at the cheapest prices. All of this exposure is available at $891 only. 

Just set the username and follower number and pay for the order. Nothing can be as secure and as fast as Instafollowers. Plans have a no-risk feature of follower losses. All the high-quality followers are going to stay, else people can select one refund option. As a choice for better visibility and trusted organic growth, this website comes up first. 

Instafollowers get to experience the facility of live support and contact numbers for consulting. Only trusted followers reach the account as the website maintains its no-password policy that keeps bringing buyers more than once. 


As the fastest ordering and fastest follower delivery website, GetRealBoost has a lot of presence among influencers. Follower ordering takes a single step and the delivery of even the bulk plans takes only 24 hours. Even though this is truly very fast, the followers are all real and effective for the account. 

These people are going to be stable with the Instagram account. All these facilities are available at the best prices. Ordering is so easy that people keep ordering multiple plans. 50000 followers for just $450 is a steal for the influencers when they are looking for the best sites to buy Instagram followers. 

The features do not end at the benefits only. You can request a quote with the custom order and get an instant reply from the experts. GetRealBoost makes sure that users have the best experience and so they have the support system always with the buyers to help under unusual situations. 


With years of experience in social media marketing, Buzzoid offers some unique features to its buyers. Two special plans are available just for Instagram followers at Buzzoid. The set of high-quality followers sets the trend with fast delivery and constant support guarantee. It has the cheapest bulk option with 5000 followers for just $39.99. 

Different premium follower packages are there as well. It is not just the guaranteed delivery or active followers that people seek. Buzzoid has the provision to fetch 30-day refill policies. This active facility from Buzzoid dedicates all its network to helps its clients get the dream followers.

Premium plans are more effective than high-quality plans when people buy Instagram followers. This is because of more benefits, faster growth and better-targeted followers. Choose the plans you need wisely and let Buzzoid do the rest for you.


LeoBoost definitely outdid themselves with the plans and has gone overboard with the benefits. All the plans or choices are customized as per client needs. It is affordable for LeoBoost to gain so many followers. Complete safety comes together with 24/7 support from definite choices so that people can trust every package. 

Plans are not just affordable but equally effective and safe for Instagram growth. Become an influencer and start choosing the exact follower count that you need. LeoBoost offers discounts for larger orders attracting clients to buy more always. 

Progress is possible with LeoBoost as people get Instagram followers. As all have genuine benefits and security people order anything want. All these payment options and so many choices among plans make it easy to buy from LeoBoost. 


Get all your Instagram needs with expert support in one place. iDigic dedicates all its network of users to help with the exposure of Instagram account. As the visibility keeps increasing, the credibility increases with the followers that users gain. Guaranteed delivery of these followers is bound to attract more clients to iDigic. 

A unique feature of automated refill keeps up with the no-drop policy of each of the followers. All these high-quality followers from the best site to buy followers on instagram reach the account without any access to the account. The live chat support system comes at the starting price of $2.95. 

With the special contact page and free trial facility, every newbie gets to try out the plans. Complete satisfaction is guaranteed after the plan reaches the Instagram account of the creator. 


Growthoid offers constant Instagram growth service at the best price range. It is a genuine growth plan which provides both followers and engagement. Two specific plans are available which include standard and premium packages. Begin with the 3-day trial plan and try to make the most out of Growthoid growth service. 

With a complete 14-day moneyback guarantee users can buy any plan. Both lead to specific organic growth with some of the get customizations to buy Instagram followers. It includes hashtags, targeted Instagram likes, views, and comments which induces stable growth. 

Growthoid just deals with everything after people order the plans. As soon as an influencer orders the growth plan, both the follower base and Instagram traffic increase. The expert team works on account development and related engagement. 


More potential followers get to experience the organic Instagram growth. Nitreo has already helped many brands expand their level of reach and exposure. Serving 5000+ new clients every month, Nitreo has some of the most experienced people. It attracts more targeted followers for instant Instagram growth. This builds a stable audience for all the content. 

This tool sets the stage for genuine Instagram growth in the shortest time. It is all about speeding up the process of exposure and growth as clients buy active Instagram followers. Get all relevant stuff for your Instagram and enjoy the growth plan. 

Businesses love this as for $79 per month, users can get genuine results with targeted features. This support team with the follower speed at Nitreo is bound to attract attention. Best organic growth leads the business to their target audience faster offering social media fame. 


FollowersUp makes sure that all their follower plans are safe. Faster growth and safety are the common priorities set by this website. Best delivery time from this best site to buy followers on Instagram with easy ordering helps FollowersUp retain their clients. People get to make faster orders in a minute which leads them to the growth of thousands of followers. 

The best selection for influencers trying to push the limits of fame is the plan for 100,000 followers available at $799. Experience the best of FollowersUp with its unique 6-month warranty. Buyers feel safe that their follower count will be stable. 

As the packages start from only $2 and all plans have the refund policy attached, there is no bar for ordering. FollowersUp makes sure that they provide all that their clients need. Businesses get attention beyond every expectation from the websites. 

Goldstar Social

With countless payment plans, Goldstar Social has created quite a mark in the social media marketing community. Sets of Instagram followers reaching within just days of ordering are those who prefer expressing themselves through activity. They offer the platform to get worldwide real followers with a complete 24hour support just at $3. 

All these plans add value and credibility to the Instagram account. Boosting the fame, the influencers can create a major community on Instagram. This leads to better growth and more exposure to the account. 

The website uses automation tools to help out its clients. Goldstar Social is not just any normal website. Just order the packages using a three-step process and get to see the real growth within just hours. Fast delivery of all these followers brings people to more of Goldstar Social plans. 


MediaMister is the iconic social media marketing website that offers Instagram growth. Specialized plans from here start at only $2 with every single facility or benefit. A complete 100% safety gives authentic social signals that give out only targeted followers to the account. Clients get to experience people out of the target audience in this manner. 

High-quality followers like this at such cheap prices is a genuine head-turner. Experienced professionals keep working on Instagram development through MediaMister. As only legit followers reach the account when people buy real Instagram followers, spending this money is worth it. 

Eye-catching attractive benefits from all the plans make sure that real engagement reaches the account. All real accounts become potential followers of the client inducing clients to buy more and grow faster. 


Experience the simple ordering of a single step from BuyIGFollowers and get all the followers you need from the websites. The monthly subscription is better than one-time orders as it saves money for you and the gradual delivery keeps up for the month. Staying relevant on Instagram has never been easier. 

The best one is to buy active Instagram followers from a monthly plan of 5000 followers for $399.61. The checkout option is through PayPal making it suitable for people to order from anywhere in the world. 

Guaranteed satisfaction from the plans with pro-active customer care makes simple plans even simpler. Followers from BuyIGFollowers bring forth real engagement from real followers only. With no bots and no useless followers, every plan is relevant. Make the most out of the plans and enjoy real followers and traffic. 


Reach millions of people with all genuine Instagram likes and followers. Get 400,000 followers on a single go with the fastest ever delivery for all these followers. The bulk plans go beyond the range of possibility of engagement when it comes to the best site to buy followers on Instagram. 

Followers even at this level have a drop-protection guarantee. Get the best experience from GoRead and enjoy safety with guaranteed support from the best experts on the panel. In just a few days you get to have even the highest plans delivered. Try out the three-step ordering and you are going to feel the security of every payment or plan.

So many followers without access to the website are pretty difficult to get. It is best to select the bulk plans from here and experience the chance of becoming an influencer within a month. So, pay fast and get all the followers you need for the genuine activity. 


Among the whole list, none of the websites offers a combo of followers and likes like EasygetInsta. This is perfect to grow and get engagement beyond the plans. Get a new start with 70% off on all plans. Plans start at just $0.99/day which is literally the cheapest for daily growth. Among all, the best value plans only for followers start at $35.99 for a definite 2000 followers. 

All the plans come with some extra followers than the given plan. Experience the best of free followers from all these plans and get the most prominent followers from EasygetInsta. These people are going to be an active part of the Instagram growth of the clients. 

Every user gets to try out the free followers and experience the results from one of the best sites to buy Instagram followers. These free followers depict the relevant results from the packages of EasygetInsta. Enjoy all these followers and traffic at the expense of a few bucks only. 


Are the plans to buy Instagram followers effective for engagement?

Instagram engagement comes with both followers and the likes and comments from these people. But this is only possible if the followers are real and constantly active. A specific level of activity on Instagram posts induces more traffic on the future content. As influencers buy real Instagram followers, they want the best out of the plan. All real followers are going to act on the content through likes and comments and also shares. 

Instagram shares help the content reach more people who can be potential followers. These are effective forms of engagement that helps with faster Instagram growth. These plans for Instagram are really fast so that the growth rate keeps increasing. The authenticity of the real followers increases the credibility of the account. As the follower base keeps growing, so does the real engagement. 

Is the money or data safe while buying Instagram followers?

There are both payment data and few personal data that the clients need to share while ordering plans. Personal data includes the Instagram URL and the email information of the buyers. This information is necessary while ordering plans. Every client wants their data to remain safe from all issues. The best websites offer a secure ordering process so that none of the data falls into the hands of third-party websites. 

Monetary safety and safe transactions are the first priority of the best websites. Payment security like the SSL payment gateway keeps the money for the transaction safe. Most of the websites offer an additional refund guarantee. This further proves that both the Instagram followers and the money for the order are safe. 

How long does it take for the follower count to increase?

Instagram followers take months to reach a specific level where the influencer can gain popularity. At the starting stages of creating content on any social platform, getting wide exposure is difficult. Thus, the normal follower count without any marketing of the content or account takes a lot of time. It decreases the chances of becoming an Instagram influencer. 

Instagram marketing plans like the variant choices to buy Instagram followers are more beneficial in this case. A steady increase in the follower count takes place. Getting a backup at the starting stages helps build up a steady follower base. It gives the content a proper audience which eventually tends to increase through further marketing. After taking marketing services, the monthly expectation of follower growth gets completed within days. Thus, the follower count keeps multiplying really fast. 

Is there a chance of getting banned or verification issues after buying plans?

Every influencer has the dream of getting verified on Instagram in the future. They increase their follower base in every possible way just for this achievement. Many of the Instagram users feel concerned that buying followers may lead to their account getting banned. The idea is that problems related to verifying the account may be there as well. But there is practically no chance of getting banned on the Instagram plans.

Authentic websites always share real and organic followers as people buy active Instagram followers. The concern is mainly for people who have bot followers as Instagram support keeps removing these fake users. This will not only reduce the number of followers but also increase the chances of getting banned. People with organic followers are going to get verified easily when they apply, only if they meet the minimum criteria. 


Influencers on Instagram are constantly growing and new faces are becoming famous on Instagram. With a billion users from all over the world, it is a bit difficult to stand out among the crowd. But if the content is exceptionally good, there is a high probability that more people are going to be interested and follow the person.

Retaining the followers and getting growth in the follower number is everything that influencers want and these plans help them with the idea. Influencers choosing the best sites to buy Instagram followers get to have the best experience of growth after they select and get the followers on Instagram account