10 Ways to Stretch your Student Travel Budget

10 Ways to Stretch your Student Travel Budget
Photo by Elena Mozhvilo

You want to travel but you have a limited budget. This might make you believe that you cannot see all those amazing places everyone is posting about. Even though it might seem like a challenge you cannot face, you should know that you can easily do it. And you can still enjoy the experience of traveling at maximum, without worrying that the traveling experience will lose its charm. So, how can you do this? Well, by stretching your student travel budget. Here are some tips and tricks that you can easily apply and make this trip the first one of many best trips that will follow. 

  • Research¬†
  • Be flexible¬†
  • Use social media as a tool¬†
  • Stay in hostels
  • Work for accommodation¬†
  • Student discounts
  • Opt for free walking tours
  • Eat like locals¬†
  • Student discount cards
  • Flight discounts for students

1. Research 

You might have some destination in mind when you think about traveling. However, you might feel that not all of them are affordable for you right now. But do not let this prevent you from actually discovering those places. Do your research and find the best times to visit them when you travel on a budget. Going there when there is no high season is crucial, as the prices for everything will be way cheaper. You can get best dissertation writing service from experts that will help you complete your academic tasks while you plan your trip. Research is key. 

2. Be Flexible 

Flexibility is everything when it comes to traveling on a budget. It is what you should keep in mind when you want to book a trip to another country. If you are flexible with the time you want to go there but with your accommodation too, you will find a lot of cheap options that can actually help you make the most of your trip. 

3. Use Social Media as a Travel Tool 

Every student has social media accounts and uses them daily. So, why not use them to your advantage? You might have friends abroad that can accommodate you for some time. You might follow influencers online or solo travelers that are traveling on a budget and that can inspire you with their tricks. Do not use social media only as entertainment, as you can find lots of options and tricks online to stretch your student travel budget. 

4. Stay in Hostels 

You might feel you are more comfortable if you have your own room, but you can get privacy if you stay in a hostel too. The price is way cheaper than a hotel and you also get the chance to meet like-minded young people you can learn a lot from. Many hostels have comfortable beds and provide you with towels and everything you need. On top of this, they have curtains for every bed which gives you the privacy you need while you travel.

5. Working for Accommodation 

It might sound strange when you think about it, but working for your accommodation is a nice way to stretch your student travel budget. Some hostels around the world are looking for volunteers to cook breakfast or do some light chores around the place. You get free accommodation for this and in some cases, even food. So, why not try this too? It can prove to be a really nice experience that teaches you the value of money and work and allows you to explore new places too. 

6. Student Discounts

Many countries around the world grant students a lot of benefits. You can get discounts on trains and buses in Europe, a discount of about 35% which considerably lowers the final price of your trips. In the USA, youth aged 25 and under get a 15% discount for traveling with public transportation. This helps you stretch your budget and travel cheaply around the world. 

7. Opt for Free Walking Tours 

If you feel your budget does not allow you to pay for the entrance ticket at those famous museums, you can opt for free walking tours. They are organized by authorized guides and introduce you to the local history of the place. This helps you make the most of your traveling experience and soak in a lot of information and details about the places you visit. A lot of cities have free tours, so make sure you check this for the city you will be going to visit. 

8. Eat Like Locals 

Traveling on a budget does not mean that you should bring your food with you or only eat what the supermarkets offer. Instead of going to those famous places, you can choose to eat as a local. Usually, the food is tastier and it comes at an affordable price. Which helps students traveling on a budget stretch it and enjoy their experience. 


9. Student Discount Cards

Using student discount cards allows you to see even those famous museums. In every city, students are encouraged to expand their knowledge and immerse themselves in the local culture. So, using a student discount card gets you free or discounted entrances to some of the most popular places and not only. 

10. Flight Discounts for Students 

Another way to stretch your budget as a student is by checking which airlines offer discounts to students. Even though there might not be as many as you think, booking with them instead of another company stretches your budget and you still can enjoy and make the most of your trip.