10 Ways to Demonstrate Confidence With Your Body Language By Talkliv Team

10 Ways to Demonstrate Confidence With Your Body Language By Talkliv Team
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Whether or not you’re aware of it, your body language impacts how other people perceive you. While listening skills are essential in many occupations, body language is interpreted by people on a subconscious level, if you’re talking to your boss, advising your friend on how to sustain the relationship, or trying to get clients for your business.

« 93% of human interaction occurs nonverbally, which is why it is important to pay attention to how your actions affect others. »Van Edwards.

Micro movements, gestures, nonverbal behavior, culture, and emotion are all areas of body language. Psychologist Dr. David Matsumoto believes that « facial expressions of emotions are universal. There is no difference in our facial expressions when feeling the same situation irrespective of race, culture, region or gender. »

Anyone who sees you, will be able to tell if you’re pleased, sad, or even sarcastic just by looking at your face. To communicate effectively, you should understand and work towards displaying positive body language emotions.

Cultural, social, educational, and personal preferences and characteristics are all elements that might influence how people express their body language. Lack of confidence in a person can pose a barrier to efficient communication both in real life and online, or on chatting platforms like Talkliv, where people from all walks of life come together for joyful and open communication.

7 Common Body Language Indicators of Lack of Confidence:

  1. Frequent eye blinking
  2. Tapping toes impatiently
  3. Leaning or turning to look away too often
  4. Keeping arms folded over one’s chest
  5. Coughing several times
  6. Looking away while speaking
  7. Sitting in a sloppy body position

When interacting with people from other cultures, the importance of body language is magnified. In fact, as soon as you step in any community of people, your body starts speaking for you. Even when you aren’t talking, an ability to wisely transcend your body language is half of the battle for your confident appearance.

« Body language reflects and interacts with cultural, linguistic, and cognitive aspects of communication, and displays systematic variations across a range of measures in each of these aspects. » – Gullberg Marianne.

A Lack of Self-Confidence in a Person Can Occur as:

  1. Poor communication skills
  2. Reduced productivity
  3. Anger as a response to uncomfortable situations
  4. Low self-esteem
  5. Constant anxiety, depression and nervousness
  6. Avoiding social interactions

10 Ways to Demonstrate Confidence With Your Body Language:

For people of varied languages or intercultural backgrounds, nonverbal communication is an efficient tool to close the cultural gap for excellent communication. These 10 tips will further help you demonstrate confidence through your body language and become more self-assured to openly express your emotions.

  • Make Eye Contact

To show that you’re paying attention, keep eye contact with the person you’re talking to. You cannot focus your sight on the floor if you want the other person to listen to what you have to say. A study found that maintaining eye contact while talking, especially when giving a presentation, increased persuasiveness, whereas avoiding eye contact demonstrated lying or doubt of what’s being articulated at the time.

  • Don’t Hesitate to Be The Same

We instinctively engage and try to be licked by others by mimicking the gestures that we see. As soon as someone smiles or sits down during a discussion, you’re more likely to feel uncomfortable standing and will try to come closer to the person talking. Nodding is a basic indication that doesn’t necessarily suggest “agreement,” but that you’ve heard what the other person is saying. You can develop trust over time by being consistent in these types of exchanges and engagement with other people.

  • Avoid Crossing your Arms and Legs

This is a hot-button issue. A lot of people believe that crossing arms and legs gives the idea that you’re protective and hence “shielding” yourself from other people’s thoughts or statements that would indicate you’re in an antipathetic state of mind. Uncross your arms and grasp something in your hands if you have a habit of doing so or don’t know where to put your hands.

  • Slow Down and Talk with Confidence

People who have confidence tend to move at their own pace. They’re at peace with everything around them and within themselves. Slowing down your gait will give the impression that you are more at ease and self-assured. When someone is presenting an idea, instead of turning your head quickly in their direction and trying to respond with some initiative you have, take your time and space to think and then express a clear message to the audience.

  • Give A Firm Hand Squeeze

The wet fish handshake gives an unwelcoming experience for anyone receiving it. Make an excellent first impression by shaking someone’s hand with a smile, confident eye contact, and a solid handshake, which shows openness and competence. When you extend your hand, make sure to maintain a steady gaze. That indicates your desire to establish a connection with the other person right away.

  • Sit Straight Up

If you have a habit of slouching, you may not realize it right away, but it is crucial to be conscious of your posture. Avoid slouching by leaning forward, instead, choose to maintain a straight posture, which will make you appear more alert and engaged.

  • Do not Fidget

You won’t be able to communicate effectively if you keep fidgeting. You will emit nervousness, boredom, or impatience by engaging in activities like fiddling with your hair, nail-biting, drumming on the table, or toying with a piece of clothing. Look at the leaders you like and notice that they don’t flail or fidget.

  • Put up a Smile

“Kindness has no language other than a warm smile.” The writer William Arthur Ward’s motivating maxim can’t be contested. Genuine smile is one of the best ways to raise empathy and positive emotions in other people.

  • Examine Your Behaviors

You may have some behaviors that turn people away and dissuade them from wanting to spend time with you. To avoid irritating or annoying people without even realizing it, it’s always a good idea to become more aware of your attitude and actions towards others.

  • Take Your Space

Some people are afraid to take up too much space and seem impolite, they’d rather shrink to be unnoticable. But such a way of holding yourself doesn’t radiate any sense of confidence. Instead of trying to be small, straighten your shoulders, hold your head high, be calm and friendly at the same time.

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